Millenium Turntable

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Marco Garza always wanted a Millennium Falcon toy, the starship from Star Wars, as a kid. But, unfortunately, never got one. Today he’s a grown up man, electronic instrument technician, and has found it for 2$, but it was missing all the … Continue reading


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And once again we want to fight all wars with music and have found a perfect weapon: Panzer SoundTank by Nik Nowak (or just your different-kind-of-a-boom-box :))! Blow all your enemies away with your favorite tunes and beats coming from a mobile sound … Continue reading

Dance is not a crime

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Remember how street dance revolutionized the hip hop and breakdance culture, how it was important not only for the generations of the 80’s, but also the whole world embraced this subculture as something new and unique and definitely American? It evolved … Continue reading

Pimp my vibe

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This is a kind of storefront we would immediately agree to have: The music room, an underground bar and a live music venue from Atlanta had a re-vamp in a shape of a large 80s boombox. We like!     

Hipster Band

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A lot of bands face a problem when trying to name their project and in that name try to combine the coolness, the meaning, the philosophy, eventually genre or identity. If you are about to found a hipster band and … Continue reading

Still got the Blues

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“Portraits of Blues” are the series of photography by Lou Bopp capturing the last of their kind: Mississippi Blues musicians. He followed the “Blues Highway” – Route 61, south from Memphis with only his camera as a companion, to preserve the most … Continue reading

My morning excersize

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Yoga? Wounded Peacock, Handstand Scorpion are difficult poses? Try this: The Ross sisters, a Texan born trio, will fix you a nice “Potato Salad” breakdancing (yes, you read it right!) since 1944! Go on, Girls! 

Boot-Leg Russia or Bone Music

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This is probably the best evidence how the passion for music cannot be stopped even by the cruelty of dictatorship & censorship. By bootleg music we really mean “leg”: the records have been produced on the repurposed x-ray scans (collected … Continue reading

Cover art of Disco

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“Soul Jazz records” released the book called DISCO: AN ENCYCLOPEDIC GUIDE TO THE COVER ART OF DISCO accompanied with the LP/CD compilation by the same name. Listen the tracks here! The book “features over 2,000 album cover designs as well as … Continue reading