The Beach/Party

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We are sweating here at 40° in shades and are dreaming at least of a pool if not the real beach where the waves kiss the shore and we hold a cocktail in our hands, so the research about our next … Continue reading

Kendrick Lamar – Alright

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Today blog post is dedicated to one sublime young American rapper, an artist, who revolutionized the genre with his intelligent and socially critical lyrics: Kendrick Lamar. He is back with the new video for the the song “Alright”, kept in … Continue reading

I want my MTV

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In the 80s when MTV started broadcasting, it changed the face of the television but also the viewing and listening pop culture. It influenced music, bands, brands, labels, music producing, DJ’s, MC’s and musicians but not just them: MTV was … Continue reading


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This is not just another nice t-shirt with a nice design and packaging (this retro tape look is pretty neat, don’t you think?). No, no, no. Each t-shirt can do much more: it is provided with the code which will supply … Continue reading


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We have seen all kinds of artful mixes of albums, music, vinyl, covers, posters made by numerous artists. Here is the next one featuring classic album art reconstructed in the retro Penguin-Book-Cover-Art look. Huw Gwilliam of LittlePixel made those. So … Continue reading


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Oh, noooooooo!!!!! You surely didn’t wan’t to see this. But now you can’t keep your eyes off of the images! Nightmares guaranteed! Michael M’s “Slug Solos” Tumblr. Why? ” Some guitarists’ solo faces look like they’ve just realised they’re holding … Continue reading

Baby Beatbox

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Use your baby as a beatbox? Well, of course! La Guardia Cross, the father, shows how to do it, using his 7 months old baby girl: hit it, kid: 

Electric Knife Massacre

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Neil Mendoza went to the hardware store bought 16 knifes and meat cleavers and built two machines, programmed and coded them to make music with it and named them The Electric Knife Orchestra. Now they can play the Bee Gees’s “Staying Alive”. Well, why … Continue reading

Lego logic

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There is actually a turntable made out of Lego cubes, and it works!!!! Yay!!! 설명Model: Record player [ The Planet ] Dimensions: 310(W) × 340(D) × 210(H) mm Parts: LEGO 2,405 pcs Power supply: LEGO Power Functions Battery Box (8878) … Continue reading