Friday, creativity and inspirations

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Budweiser viral “Infected by Music” with original score from Tiestö & Jauz, is a wonderful piece of creativity and product presentation. And with it’s party-like atmosphere and summerly, festival grooves (electronic music festival Tomorrowland, to be more precise) the perfect way … Continue reading

Light bender

Compagnie AMCB

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“Inside a cube fashioned from translucent veils, a dancer takes a visual journey into a 3D space between dreams and reality. Hakanaï is a digital solo performance from Adrien M / Claire B that made its debut at BAM’s Fishman Theatre on March 17, … Continue reading

Boombox art

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This artwork can play music!! “The „Touch of Bass“ project is a collection of vintage Boombox Photographs direct printed onto a rigid substrate , framed then mounted on a shadow box. This stealth box holds a bluetooth sound system that plays … Continue reading

Chuck Taylor All Wah-Wah!

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Chucks got even more interesting: the new shoe replaces the potentiometer found in a standard wah pedal with a metallic strip that sends data when the wearer bends their foot to create a wah effect. The original prototype version designed … Continue reading

Cap Verde Cosmic

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Summer read, weird & special, over at Guardian: How a mysterious ghost ship brought cosmic disco to Cape Verde In a calm morning in March 1968, a shipment carrying the latest Korgs, Moogs and Hammond organs set off from Baltimore … Continue reading


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Remember our post from a year ago on KFC South Africa integrating local bands into place mats in the store for the customers to discover (and support) local talent HERE? Well McDonalds seems to have “come up” with the same … Continue reading

Magic Carpenter

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Vinyl covers made of wood ny Schreinerei Luther from Germany made with PSR B1919+21 Radio Pulse as 3D milling. – extremely nice to see and extremely difficult to produce.