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I just ran up on this funky, cheeky, playful doodle illustrations from the UK based artist: ♡ Hattie Stewart ♡ and it’s been an instant LOVE. She doodles on everything from Playboy to fashion or music magazine covers (scroll bellow the images … Continue reading

Praised be the band t-shirt

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On all of this images are musicians which, by their fans at least, were treated like Gods and  their music as the only true religion ! The identification of fans with their bands was best expressed by wearing the band … Continue reading

Patterns are Music

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Dyskograf is a audio-visual graphical disc you can paint any intuitive pattern on and play it out as a musical piece on a special record player. The drawing i.e. pattern is then transformed into a sound via camera, which replaced … Continue reading

Drumming experiment

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This nice experiment shows the effect of different surroundings on sound: performed by Julien Audigier (Wikidrummers) on Natal drums. check it out:  

Hard-Core Yearbook

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this is how they all looked like in the gentle teenage age: all those tough boys from even tougher bands. yeah, yeah, that’s how it is, when you still live with your parents and you’re not earning your own money!

House of (analog) Sound

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As a photographer but also an audio enthusiast Christopher Bennett, originally a landscape photographer, made a perfect geeky, photo series about the analog sound making and producing still alive. He took his pictures in the workshops of dedicated audiophiles and … Continue reading

Future Pop – PAMYU PAMYU

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She’s only 20 years old, japanese and the future princess of pop, not just in Japan, where she is already a huge star, as everyone predicts. Smiling and looking neat, well “kawaii”, she is the messenger of the cuteness. see … Continue reading

Pretty, pretty kitty

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Snøfeltøffs “Pretty Girl” video is like an visual explosion of tumblr images, Youtube trash, gif’s, kitsch and soft porn all at the same time.. volume up and full screen on! credits: production design by: tøff chopped by: hypnotic panzerfaust starring: … Continue reading

Mid-Century record collection

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Oh I love mid-century design and graphics. And this is a great found of the mid-century album covers found on this great blog: MIDCENTURIA