Mix Tape

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did you save your mix tapes from the 80s? I am sure I have or another still creeping somewhere in some boxes… Why, because Elbow, the “portable cassette player for the XXI century” (in development) is here to fresh up … Continue reading


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….from the last century. The instrument is called Hupfeld Phonoliszt-Violina & it was invented by Ludwig Hupfeld AG in 1907. It is entirely mechanical, playing the music on eight violins placed in a circular bow of the vertical round-a-bout. Small bellows come to simulate the … Continue reading


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Chilean street artist Seco Sánchez created a large scale boombox mural as  tribute to hip hop culture of 80’s in La Calera V region, Chile.

Denim in Hip-Hop

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The importance of the blue cloth worn by wranglers, cowboys, trappers soon splashed, first the US mainstream and then the world:  James Dean, Marlon Brando and likes wore it, the Ted’s and the Poppers, only the Mod’s seemed to wanted … Continue reading

Christmas Helmets

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Awww, we would absouletly loveeeeee to have these golden Daft Punk Christmas Ornaments already for this year to decorate our tree, but this glowing helmets are available for shipment only from February 2017.Definitely something for early Christmas birds.   Available for 23€ … Continue reading