Vinyl walls

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Art Vinyl is made frames for your favorite vinyl albums you can now hang on your walls like an art work, which it already is, and change according to you mood or listening preferences BTW: They are easy to use. they … Continue reading

Promoter’s Joint

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You always wanted to know how does a place where a concert promoter lives and works, looks like? The lifestyle blog Freunde von Freunden blog is offering this exclusive insight in the Charlottenburg/Berlin apartment and a workspace of  Scumeck Sabottka the … Continue reading

Brimful of asha on the 45

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Turntable portraits of old masters! How is this possible, you ask? The Tel Aviv based photographer Tamir Sher demonstrates: (text Futureshoot): “For this series, Masters on 45s, he placed reproductions of Old Master Paintings on a record player and photographed them … Continue reading

Movie about Burmese punks

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“Yangon calling” ist the name of the crowdfounded documentary following the subculture of punks in Myanmar fighting the brutal military regime using secret cameras made by the maker Alexander Dluzak & Carsten Piefke! Super-interesting!

“Hurt” Cobain

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There is a new documentary about the iconic and already legendary “Nirvana” band leader and musician: Kurt Cobain, who influenced the whole generation of the 90s and beyond. We haven’t seen it yet, but what we read and saw was … Continue reading

Play me to the Moon

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Physical turntable showing correct moon phase on an input of any date. It is a interactive installation by Brad Bei with Yifan Hu. Yifan Hu explains: “Basically, the month, day and year are counted by three encoders which send the signal to the Arduino … Continue reading

Color Blocking Music

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We did some spring cleaning of our vinyl collection and this is what happened! Nay, it wasn’t us! It was a creative guy called George Benson (George Benson, really?? Oh – not that one!) who ordered all the record sleeves by … Continue reading

Killing me softly…..

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Musicians are legendary know for fast but short lives. If you ever asked yourself how this is expressed through the music genre, here is your answer, which covers everything from homicide, suicide, heart attack or the “27 club” (musicians dead by that … Continue reading

Is TIDAL really for All?

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TIDAL is coming – the new HIFI streaming service founded by Jay Z, making a lot of waves on the social media and on the internet generally. Bunch of famous faces gathered around stating they want to revolutionize and change … Continue reading

Superstar Heroes

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Billy the Butcher, the talented Brazilian illustrator, is probably right: “Alter-egos, ridiculous costumes and legions of fans – maybe musicians are superheroes?!” Here they are, saving the world of music, the post-punk superheroes. You want it? Badly? Billy’s shop for … Continue reading