Think twice…

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….before you name your band… Bob Marshall of BuzzFeed made a noteworthy list of 25 bands with cringeworthy names and crowned with the bad band photos. Here are just a few, the whole list can be found in the link here!

DJ App

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The guys at DJIT have already 3 neat digital DJ products out: edjing, edjing pro and mixmatch. While the first two are app’s for your smart devices, the mixmatch is a small, pocket sized tool, bluetooth driven you can perfectly use with … Continue reading

Disco Cats

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We love Holland, we love Music, we love Fridays and the weekend, and sometimes, just sometimes we love cats. Here is all in one:  from De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig, the guys understood that nowadays you don’t need hot chicks and cars … Continue reading

Don’t let it go to your head

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Star Wars C-3PO & Startrooper bluetooth speakers  are here! Well, almost!!! It’s a Kickstarter project by AC Worldwide, a London based studio, who as they explain, got licensed by Disney to produce these speakers. Key features Bluetooth audio – play your music … Continue reading

How to…

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…understand music. This is a 2 year old video made by Finally studio, but it is still good. It is explaining music in illustrative, simple and playful way. It’s that time again to learn something:


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It’s Monday. Again! And we all have to concentrate on our work. To keep you awake the whole week we prepared something nerdy, cartooning and loud – the BatMetal: Dethklok & Batman mash-up! Oh there`s a part two, too! all … Continue reading

Acoustic Time Machine

Bildschirmfoto 2015-09-23 um 14.33.21 © 2015 . All rights reserved. is a website which enables you to virtually travel through the world of different countries, decades and their music, starting with 1900 all the way to “NOW”! It is a wonderful discovery tool where you select a country and a decade … Continue reading

Get fresh

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“Fresh dressed” is the documentary chronicle about the hip-hop and urban fashion researching the meaning of fashion in the hip-hop culture. Sasha Jenkins, the music journalist and co-founder of the hip-hop magazine Ego Trip made the movie in collaboration with CNN … Continue reading