Cover art of Disco

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“Soul Jazz records” released the book called DISCO: AN ENCYCLOPEDIC GUIDE TO THE COVER ART OF DISCO accompanied with the LP/CD compilation by the same name. Listen the tracks here! The book “features over 2,000 album cover designs as well as … Continue reading

How the cities sound

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This is exciting: “Sound City Project” is about to turn Google street view into the acoustic feast. Using the typical sounds of different city outdoor spaces they create sound collage to acoustically recognizable enables you to understand where you are and … Continue reading

Cat Sleevens

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Cats are everywhere! Cats rule the internet! That’s a fact! Now they also occupied the record sleeves. Here is the Tumblr where the mob comes from and where you’ll find many more pics for all you cat people!!

Don’t eat the Yellow Snow

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Pop music wisdom and brilliant philosophy compiled from song titles and lyrics, captured in a notebook-like compendium by the graphic designer Marcus Kraft called: “Don’t eat the Yellow Snow”. About the book, in his own words:”the book lists 250 of the … Continue reading

Shine on!

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The year’s not over yet, and we’re dreaming about the sun already. And we even know the destination: Ibiza! It’s the land of suntanned bodies, clubs with bumping music, sweat and THIS: buttplug lazer!!!! we feel the sun already:

Artsy covers

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I know a bunch of people who buy a bottle of wine depending on the style and design of the wine label. Here is an French graphic artist currently based in London, UK, Lucas Donaud,  who is I bet, selling these records … Continue reading

Record Throwing

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You all know how it gets boring on Christmas? All the relatives you don’t have nothing to talk about anymore, the whole family you unsuccessfully try to avoid, much too much food and booze? And, worst of all:  nothing to … Continue reading

Robot Steam Punk Transformers

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“One Love Machine Band” is a project by the Berlin based artists Kolja Kugler turning metal pieces, junk and rests into humanoid, pneumatically controlled robots programmed for some serious jamming and rock’n’roll. Oh yes – they are also wind powered … Continue reading

The Art Of Record Covers

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Hmmmm Vinyllllll… For all our fellow Vinyl Junkies, Vinyl Freaks, Geeks or whatever you are labeled (or label yourself), we never get bored to mesmerise about the magic of this hardened plastic and the sound it carries on it. It … Continue reading

Christmas with Coppola

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Roman Coppola has issued a debut album. Yes, the one who directs music videos and witty commercials and writes scripts for Wes Anderson. Exactly that guy wants you to get into the Christmas spirit with his “Molto Groovy Christmas”, by recycling the … Continue reading

What we wore

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And here is another book for your coffee table, christmas present or as a good read on those cold days coming up “What we wore” – a people style history. Nina Manandhar had an idea of creating a British archive of style … Continue reading