Surreal take on Music

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Chema Madoz is a Spanish photographer with an interesting creative and surreal take on life and object around us. We made a selection on those concerning music and sound and hope you’ll like them ( nice interview with the artist on the … Continue reading

Hip Hop UK

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“From The Prodigy to Drum & Bass, it’s all come from British hip hop: Massive Attack, Tricky, Soul II Soul – it all came from people who were into hip hop” – Nick “The Head” Hallam of The Stereo MCs” … Continue reading

Born Slippy

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Music from a glass water tank? Crazy you think? Danish musicians Laila Skovmand and Robert Karlsson, in collaboration with members of their ensemble Between Music do exactly that and go on tour. “AquaSonic is the culmination of years of research into the … Continue reading

Old school Punks

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The life plays it’s own music and that soundtrack has it’s own tune. Once passionate punks, these people talk about they past and where they are now in life. nice and very interesting life stories Never mind the bus pass: … Continue reading

Theremin in your browser

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To play the theremin, analogically, is a fine work of art and pretty difficult endeavor. Not if you can play it using your browser over this web page on a browser-based instrument. You can even loop, record and download your creations! Theremin … Continue reading

Eddie are you OK?

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WOW! This is what Michael Jackson’s “Smooth “Criminal” would sound in – let’s say end of 19th century at some fairground! Patrick Mathis performs the tune on a barrel organ. See how complex the “music code” behind it is! Very impressive!  

Hey! Ho! Let’s go!

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“Ramones and the birth of Punk” – one of a kind exhibition in NY, The Queens Museum  and the GRAMMY Museum in LA, celebrates the legacy of this iconic band. Everything is there – from fan memorabilia, handwritten lyrics, albums, … Continue reading