Lost (in) Music

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Using algorithms like Google search, the diverse music and social platforms display mostly things which have the widest spread or clicks or likes, so a lot of good stuff goes unnoticed and disappears in the vaults of the deep web. … Continue reading

Double trouble

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Oh, it’s only a prototype, but such a nice one that we would like to get our fingers on it ASAP. Designed by Ben Bengler and Fiore Martin, the “Collidoscope” makes all kind of strange, awkward and complicated sounds and it … Continue reading

June 17th 1978

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Same dreams of freedom and self-determination, the kids back then were no different than today. Love for music, rebellion and fun. Joseph Szabo was a Long Island High school teacher at the time, when two of his students suggested a … Continue reading

NY Punks

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Theres a nice package about the time Punk in New York was still young and innocent published by label Ork records including 4 Lps, a book full of photography work by David Godlis and 45s. Get it here. See all of the remaining … Continue reading

Vertical music

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Say whaaaat: vinyl is now played vertically? Gramovox surely wants us to believe it is. Here’s you’re proof (price $399,99)

Allen Toussaint

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You need a fling the next weekend. Let this be your sofa-surfer thing for the Sunday: 2006. BBC documentary about the man, the legend, that New Orleans boy: Allen Toussaint. Enjoy it, kids:

KC Sweat(er)

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Someone just purchased late Kurt Cobain‘s iconic sweater at the Julien’s auction, he was seeing wear a lot of time at different performances. If you just google his name on images, you will be able to see how important this sweater … Continue reading

Drake Jammin’

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This cat has the moves and grooves to the Drake’s “Hotline Bling”. Check the owner: Asian Mike Lavin and his cat jamming on YouTube:

Spread some loooveee

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Another borrowed article from the Dummy mag, this time with the Egyptian lover and his top 10 best electric funk tunes. Oh my! Thats so awesoooooooomeeeeee: 01. Electric Kingdom Twilight 22 Egyptian Lover: “I remember when I first heard this track … Continue reading

Painful noise

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“140 dB” is experimental film about interaction between sound and physical bodies. The main idea is to show how sound can change objects form and structure including human mental state.”