The Last Cassette Standing

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National Audio Company seems to be the last Audio Cassette making company in the US (and probably one of the only few left in the world) and is located in Springfield, Montana since 1969! They still offer the complete services of … Continue reading

Playful thing

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AAAAAAWWWWWWWW. Another super-app we want to play with the whole day!!!! Memory Mosaic is the name of this new discovery which clusters samples of music collected from your iTunes library and replays them in loops you determine by connecting the … Continue reading

Well, hello!

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Oh, this post stored for publishing almost got away! A simple parody of Lionel Richies “Hello” video minus the sung text is simply hilarious. In the video he looks like a sad, persistent and a kind-of- kinky stalker 😀    … Continue reading

Animal noises

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Making kids to like music is not complicated at all. All kids love hearing and making sounds and love playing with them too! So, it is only natural that the LOOPIMAL app by YATATOY will be happily embraced by all … Continue reading

For the Record

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It’s time for another awesome music book you should have on your shelves and not just coffee tables: Gestalten’s “For the Record”. Issued already in 2013 it is still a piece of music anthology made in collaboration with the RedBull … Continue reading

Take a Soundbite…

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…at the KFC in South Africa and support your local poet! KFC, since no record label, decided to create a kind of in-house guerrilla marketing to promote local music artists without the record label or contract to help them promote … Continue reading

Good Night Village People

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Photographer Jesus Mandrian in his series “Boas Noites” (Good Night) captures the youth and partygoers in the rural Galicia revealing wild nights in the mostly quiet and quite opposite reality: village life and no glamour what so ever waiting outside the … Continue reading

Kitty Monday Instant Relief

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it’s Monday, the beginning of the week and you’re already stressed out? “Furry friend” (Frequency-Shaped Cat Purr Noise Generator) is exactly what you looked for and is here to provide the immediate relief and to simply distress you. No cat … Continue reading

The Color of Music

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The witty design-collective Open Work released a page called calling it a “colorful music discovery” where on the color swatch you can pic a color which will then represent you random numerous albums and artists who’s album art work carries that same … Continue reading

New sounds of new nature

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Phantom Terrains is a experimental sound platform developed over a 6 months using research funding from Nesta, the UK’s National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts, and Starkey Hearing‘s innovative Bluetooth-connected Halo hearing aids. The creators Frank Swain andDaniel … Continue reading


lego-radiohead © 2015 . All rights reserved.

Adly Syairi Ramly, who calls himself a LEGO-junkie, created LEGO version of of our favorite bands. He-he.

Never to early…

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…for starting a Christmas wish list. This is my number 1 for this year: noise isolating MH40 Masterdynamic leather headphones, please the ones in cognac and with the stand and aluminium suitcase!! Get them here!