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Typewriter sound was yesterday – make place for the Typedrummer. This sound project by the designer & developer Kyle Stetz is a web page where you can make sound by typing in the words or letters in the provided on-page-frame. You … Continue reading

Music 3.0

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What is the future of experimental music in the time of internet, musical overflow and overall saturation? Here is a very good and important article on that subject on “Fader” by the underground music critic Adam Harper. Check the whole article … Continue reading

Cloudy, with a chance of Beatballs

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Tasty music: “Beatballs” converts music into flavors. You don’t believe us, check this project by 54 students from Sweden’s Hyper Island school! The explanation: “Through a combination of programming, design, and just the right amount of absurdity, we have developed a … Continue reading

Music is a Religion

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We always knew that! Now here is a perfect project to support that philosophically – anthroposophical thesis: “Duality”. “Infinite religions” is a project by Neal Calvin Peterson with the release of his first album consisting of just two songs: “Life” & “Death”: … Continue reading

Mix n’ Match

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Aaaaawwww, there are soooo many beautiful app’s ad gadgets to play with your music, out there, so it is only naturally that we discovered the Pacemaker! It is a FREE downloadable app for your Apple products: iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. … Continue reading

LP stands for LongPlate

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“LongPlate” is series of plates made of porcelain but in a look and feel of a vinyl record by the Italian designer collective Mamado. Available in different sizes, you can buy the pre-designed or customized sets, or single plates packed in beautifully … Continue reading

Metal Faces

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OK, after the sweet, chocolate post from yesterday, today we have something for the hardboiled among you: “Killer Angels” the photographic series portraying the American death metal fans by the Baltimore photographer JM Giordano. Taken in 3 years on over 60 … Continue reading

Play before you eat

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Did you know that records made of chocolate actually exist? There  is a chocolate manufacturer in Split, Croatia, called “Nadalina” creates some which you can buy on several locations in Croatia ! The records can be played on your regular record player, … Continue reading

Steppin’ Out

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Stepsequencer could become a new kind of a Dancing game, as you need to move or dance on the virtual instrument to make music. We would love to have this one in the office, especially as the sound collages are … Continue reading

CBGBs Punk

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The wild child David Godlis roamed the 70s and took pictures of bands and musicians at the legendary CBGBs using the long exposure in available light refusing to use flash which was very popular among the photographers at the time. … Continue reading

Keep your motor running

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IXOOST a combination of engine exhaust pipes ending as compact speakers as a tribute to the race cars. This doc station to play your music at 6, 8, 10 or 12 cylinders, or the engine sounds while you enjoy the view of … Continue reading