Future entertainment

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The Japanese all-girl-band Perfume just moved the boarders of live entertainment and concert/stage culture with their appearance at this years SXSW in Austin, Texas as a headliner for the final day of the SXSW Interactive. Rhizomatiks explain all about the … Continue reading

Smart DJ

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Mixfader (by Edjing) is the name of this superb gadget we would like to put our hands on – unfortunately it is not our for sale yet (you can sign up for updates on their page). Anyhow, the product video is amazing: … Continue reading

Dissection of music

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The cartoonist John Atkinson took a song, length 3:00, by genre and disassembled them to their basic components. Here is his anatomical diagnosis:  

Medieval Hip-Hop Couture

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As (Music) Monks we like it medieval, especially when the history is combined with todays Hip-Hop music (style) scene. Cecilia Azcarate in her B4-XVI (Beforesixteen) Tumblr places paintings, made before 16th century, with the photos of the contemporary Hip-Hop scene today next to … Continue reading

Made by you

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We love the good piece of advertising and a good inspiration in sound design and usage of music within the same, so we want to share this with you. It’s a nicely produced commercial for the iconic history and heritage of  Converse … Continue reading

Cover-ed Tunes

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Phew… found not one, but two, both awesome music videos featuring record cover art as their creative output. First one is by Vania Heyman for Roy Kafri’s “Mayokero” a-cappella music video: The second one is directed by Noam Sharon and Tal Zagreba … Continue reading

Music from a dying Star

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Dying stars surely make beautiful music, like a lullaby the sound spreads from the custom made disc on a, so called, Alma Music Box  in an astronomical sound project of a unique kind by Alma Japan.

Moby’s secret obsession

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Here are couple of  nice videos where artist Moby explains about  his massive obsession with the drum machines and synths and how he started collecting them. check it out:

Twerking for science

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‘the booty drum is a device that records movement through accelerometers attached to the dancer’s booty. These movements translate into a lot of unique velocities and directions of movement. The movements, which are being mapped into unique midi values through … Continue reading

Nothing but hot air

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Some people really have ideas, like turning shit into gold. This one is not different: there are couple of people selling air (yes you read it right) from Kanye West shows! There was a plastic bag full of air allegedly … Continue reading